Switching up event traffic with Motorola Wave two-way radios

Switching up event traffic with Motorola Wave two-way radios

£10,277 in contract costs saved
4-network access
Significant operational savings

Our customer, with 35 years of experience in event traffic management, is a trusted name in the industry. They handle events ranging from local festivals to national institutions like The Boat Race and Royal Ascot, known for their commitment to reliability, quality, and safety.

The challenge

They faced significant challenges, particularly in their use of two-way radios for event coordination. Renting radios weekly was costly and led to administrative headaches in managing the hire fleet.

The solution

We introduced the latest Motorola Wave radios, equipped with Peak Telecom’s unsteered multi-network SIMs, providing connectivity across all four networks. Our customer gained access to the Motorola Wave portal for talk group control, with ongoing technical support.

We facilitated a seamless deployment by having the radios delivered to us, where we programmed and tested them, then set them up for call groups. Our team provided training to ensure the customer could manage future events effectively.

The result

The transformation was remarkable.

Our customer transitioned from an expensive hired solution with basic radios to a state-of-the-art, cost-effective solution, supported by our technical expertise.

They now possess class-leading multi-network SIMs, ensuring uninterrupted communication. And what’s more, our solution delivered contract cost savings of £10,277, plus additional operational savings driven by a user-friendly management portal and radios with exceptional mobile reception.

We provided unmatched expertise in sourcing and supporting the Motorola Wave radios. And we haven’t stopped there. In preparation for future growth and scalability, we’ve organised a backup hire fleet that can be swiftly deployed when needed, ensuring event success and continued collaboration.

“We run the very busy events division for one of the largest traffic management companies in the UK. We had a growing issue with our communication equipment, so we contacted Richard at Peak Telecom. He listened to our problems and recommended the Motorola Wave radio. The knowledge and service from Peak Telecom was excellent. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending them for all your communication needs.”

DA, Head of Events Division

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