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Conventional communication methods won’t cut it when it comes to critical coordination.

We’ll keep you in touch in the most challenging environments.

Our two-way radio solutions are designed for situations where rapid response and coordination are critical.

With straightforward operation, robust design, and dedicated frequencies, you’ll eliminate costly communication delays and coordination complexities in any environment.

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Boost safety and security with rapid response
Coordinate large teams seamlessly
Stay connected, even in remote areas with poor signal
Benefit from unlimited communication
Use rugged devices, worry-free
Increase employee focus and reduce distractions
Configure channels for secure and private comms
Hear crystal-clear comms in noisy environments
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Motorola Wave PTX

Rugged and reliable, this radio offers the flexibility of PTT via SIM, with added pluses like dedicated safety features and long battery life.

Throw in effortless ordering, deployment, and management and you’ll enjoy uninterrupted communication from the get-go.

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Wave PTX Dispatch

The ultimate in centralised communications, the Dispatch offers all the power of web-based dispatching, with no software installation or maintenance.

Track mobile teams and send messages in any form, to anyone, from anywhere. Just log in from a PC and enjoy seamless connections that elevate your service.

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Evolve LTE Handheld

For an intuitive user experience fused with open platform architecture, durability, and critical communication-level reliability, the Evolve is unrivalled.

Engineered for enterprise and public safety, it ensures crystal-clear audio and has the power to cover multiple shifts so you can get the job done.

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Wave PTX Mobile App

Turn your phone or tablet into a PTT handset and get instant communications at your fingertips.

It’s as easy as that. Fast, simple, and always immediate.

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Customer story

Slashing costs with Motorola Wave and multi-network SIMs

Our customer manages traffic at major UK events. But they were hiring their basic two-way radios weekly and it was costing them a fortune. And keeping track of their fleet was a daily headache.

We delivered a suite of state-of-the-art radios with multi-network SIMs, set up for group calls to ensure smooth comms at every event. Our solution saved them significant costs in contracts and operations.

>£10,000 saved
Full UK coverage
Simple remote management via web portal
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Questions about two-way radios?
We’re glad you asked.

While Motorola Wave does support some of the MOTOBRO range of devices, these are only standard licenced-based products and don’t have unlimited range.

Our Motorola Wave product comes equipped with a Peak Telecom un-steered, 4-network SIM. This delivers the ultimate connectivity to ensure mission-critical communication success.

The range of standard licensed-based radios is quoted at 4-5 km, but this depends hugely on the topography and structure of the environment you’ll be using the radios in. Motorola Wave radios will work across Europe.

No, you only need an Ofcom licence if you want to use standard licence-based radios.

Wave PTX Dispatch is an online portal that allows a desk-based operator to instantly communicate with field personnel or groups. It displays the location of all devices and has integrated messaging, and customisation and user management features.

The radios have incredible noise-cancelling microphones and speakers, so communication is always loud and clear, regardless of background noise. There are also several headset options available.

In the Motorola Wave portal, either create a new group or move straight to Users. Then find the device you want to add and select Manage. Tick the Talkgroup you would like to assign the radio to, and click Save. The update is pushed to the device over the air.

Yes, we have our own leasing facility. You can pay a single monthly price that includes the radios and rentals, all on one bill.

An Ofcom radio licence is £75 for five years. At Peak Telecom we’ll organise this for you.

Yes, there are various accessories for Motorola Wave devices that ensure your drivers can safely and legally use the radios in a vehicle.

We supply standard Motorola radios and the Kirisun budget range.

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