Cleaning up with a business-critical MDM software upgrade

Cleaning up with a business-critical MDM software upgrade

11 days’ manual labour saved
40 devices replaced
2 weeks to plan, test, and deploy

We worked with a Yorkshire-based independent waste management business that provide commercial recycling; waste disposal, collection, and treatment; and re-usable energy manufacturing services to clients across the UK.

In this industry keeping up with the latest tech advancements is essential. Cutting-edge devices and software updates ensure businesses are optimally efficient, whether that’s saving on energy costs or streamlining waste management processes.

The challenge

Our customer needed to transition to new waste management software on all their managed mobile devices.

Deploying the new app individually to each device just wasn’t feasible – it would have taken weeks and caused major disruptions. The transition had to occur remotely, avoiding costly downtime and without interrupting their services.

The solution

We leveraged our Mobile Device Management (MDM) software to remotely deploy the new waste management app alongside the old one. All while keeping their tablets online and in use.

We also quickly identified and replaced 40 older, incompatible devices in the customer’s fleet, ensuring uninterrupted operations.

After two weeks of planning and testing, the solution was deployed to all live tablets within days. And with zero hassle for our customer.

The result

With this critical MDM software upgrade spared them approximately 11 days’ non-stop labour on manual upgrades, ensured uptime that saved them significant money, and helped them dodge a business-critical crisis.

They also benefited from an unexpected upgrade to their tablet fleet. The newer devices improved efficiency, allowing operators to complete jobs more effectively. Our MDM software upgrade played a vital role in the project, eliminating the complexities of app deployment.

The customer now has a versatile fleet of tablets that can accommodate new apps for future growth, with ongoing support from Peak Telecom as they scale up.

“We are immensely grateful to the Peak MDM team for their invaluable assistance in swiftly migrating to a new software solution. Their rapid support was crucial in keeping us within our timeline, and their ongoing assistance is vital to the daily operations of our business. We highly recommend their services to any organisation in need of reliable and efficient support.”

PL, Transport Manager

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