Is your personal information at risk?

Is your personal information at risk?

Is your mobile phone more than two years old? If you are no longer receiving security updates your data could be at risk. Check out these handy tips to protect your information.

Security threats and fraudsters are continually evolving their tactics – but so are technology giants like Android and Apple. However, if you are using an old handset, you could be an easy target if your model is no longer kept up to date with the latest security releases. Take the time to check whether your manufacturer is still releasing security updates for your model – you might want to think about an upgrade when that support ends.


Keeping safe

Not looking to upgrade yet? What else can you do?

  • Phishing: When a fraudster pretends to be a legitimate company to get valuable information from you. Whether it is a text claiming to be your bank or a voicemail pretending to be a courier – don’t be fooled into giving your details until you’ve confirmed it’s genuine. The warning signs are easy to spot, misspelt URLs, dodgy looking sender addresses and poor formatting are all indicators all is not as it seems.
  • What apps you download: With thousands of apps available, how do you choose the best app with the least risk? Certain types of app tend to carry the most risk of malware – so be wary of free photo and video editors – and check the reviews of all apps before you download.
  • App permissions: Do all your apps need access to your calendar, contacts, microphone, and location? With too much access, you could unwittingly allow permissions to contacts and text messages and risk unwanted subscriptions to premium services.


Sometimes, the safest option is to install some specific antivirus software, especially for those models which are outside of security updates. By scanning for malware and alerting you to any safety issues, antivirus apps can keep your personal data safe.

If you think your handset is just getting too old, why not talk to us about which of the newest phones is the best choice for you.

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