Transforming business phone systems for a traffic management dynamo

Transforming business phone systems for a traffic management dynamo

10% cost savings
2 days to fix (vs 2 weeks)
78 users across 4 sites

We were approached by a dynamic traffic management company with over 90 staff members and an owner with 27 years of industry expertise. They are committed to staying at the forefront of technology, but their tech wasn’t keeping pace with their ambition.

The challenge

They were grappling with an inefficient hosted telephone system, tricky modifications, soaring costs, and zero visibility over what was going on.

And integrating mobile phones with landlines was causing added complexities.

The solution

They needed business phone systems that were fit for the future.

We analysed their existing system, then rebuilt our 8×8 system with the same routing to replace it. We checked user numbers, validated landline numbers, and prepared the system before porting. An on-site engineer reconfigured physical handsets to 8×8 on the porting day.

Because their existing hosted system had integrated both mobile and landlines, we faced the challenge of simultaneously migrating both. But we were ready – and we aced it.

The result

Our customer now has full control over their business phone systems via the 8×8 admin console. And for when they need help we’ve revolutionised their support experience, with two-day timeframes compared to their previous two weeks.

And they’re not stopping there. Our customer continues to expand with 8×8 and mobiles, and has plans to incorporate IoT and MDM connectivity to support their ongoing growth.

“Thank you to the team at Peak Telecom, they made the move from our previous supplier, seamless. From start to finish, I was overwhelmed with the level of customer service and support that was offered. Every step of the order process they were there on call if I had a question. I can’t recommend Peak Telecom enough, their pricing is very competitive, they have a variety of solutions to help all businesses and the service and support is unparalleled by any other supplier I have used in the past.”

MM, Service Centre Director

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